Dustin A. Grau

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B.S., Computer Science - 2002
  Southern Polytechnic State University
  [Now part of Kennesaw State University]

Technology Experience

Programming Languages/Concepts:
 JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, XML, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Progress OpenEdge ABL v8-v11, Progress WebSpeed, Perl

Scripting Languages:
 BASH, DOS, Ant, AppleScript

JavaScript/AJAX Frameworks:
 Isomorphic SmartClient, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Kendo, Sencha

Database Systems:
 Progress RDBMS v8-v11 (Win32/Linux), MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL

Web Servers:
 Apache HTTP Server, Node.js, Nginx, Microsoft IIS

Collaboration Systems:
 AtTask, Trac, Bugzilla

Code Versioning Systems:
 Subversion (SVN), Concurrent Versioning System (CVS), Serena ChangeMan (PVCS), MS Visual Source Safe

Operating Systems:
 Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP/7), Mac OS X (10.5+), Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, SuSE)

Network Protocols/Management:
 DNS, DHCP, SMB/CIFS/AFP, TCP/IP, LAN Topologies (Building and Configuring), Firewall/Router Configuration

Software Suites:
 Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom

Hardware Environments:
 IBM PC & Compatible, Apple Computers (Intel-based), iOS Mobile Device

Employment Experience

Progress BravePoint - Norcross, GA.

Principal Solutions Consultant - June 1996 to Present
Part of Progress Software, formerly BravePoint, Inc.

State of S. Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (Progress, 2015)

  • Utilize the newly-created modernization methodology to bring an older WebSpeed application up to date
  • Integrated UX designs in jQuery and Bootstrap with the Kendo framework for a robust AJAX application

Progress Modernization Methodology (Progress, 2015-Present)

  • Developed next-generation modernization framework for OpenEdge customers
  • Utilized REST-based server technology to create dynamic service interfaces
  • Implement a prescriptive UI with AngularJS and Telerik's KendoUI components
  • Created documentation and training materials for consultants and customers

BravePoint Application Evolution (BravePoint, 2010-2015)

  • Ongoing architect and maintainer of this OpenEdge modernization framework
  • Internal project to build new, unified framework from multiple in-house technologies:
  • Server components from American Home Mortgage project
  • Client components from ProfitZoom product (SI Systems Rewrite)
  • Middleware component (BP Connector) for data management

Customer Connection (Sterling Jewelers, 2012-2015)

  • Served as team lead for project due to knowledge from earlier client work
  • Implemented previous proof-of-concept as a complete solution for in-store personnel
  • Improved upon original design for better user experience and distributed development
  • Integrated a web interface with logic for printers and payment devices on the register

Point of Sale System (Kauffman Tire, 2011)

  • Created a proof-of-concept web application for an existing character Progress application
  • Leveraged code from a previous POS concept, creating a more product-like software package
  • Instructed in-house development staff, establishing workflows for modernizing legacy code
  • Utilized AJAX and HTML5 to allow for use on both desktop and mobile/tablet web browsers

Point of Sale System (Sterling Jewelers, 2011)

  • Created a proof-of-concept web application for an existing character Progress application
  • Transformed client's vision into a tangible and fully functional product
  • Fully utilized existing business logic with minimal modifications
  • Interfaced web application with existing hardware on a Linux POS terminal
  • Utilized AJAX and HTML5 to allow for use on both desktop and iPad web browsers
  • Created a queue system to allow printing on remote POS terminal from iPad

Website Rewrite (Texas Pipe & Supply, 2010-2011)

  • Worked with a team to redesign a WebSpeed-driven website using AJAX technologies
  • Reused existing server logic created within ErpXtend and WebProEX
  • Built a new website with SmartClient, according to mockups from graphic designer
  • Configured middleware component (BP Connector) for remote procedure calls
  • Cross-trained team members on SmartClient and middleware technologies

ProfitZoom, General Accounting and Job Costing Application Rewrite (BravePoint/SI Systems, 2008-2010)

  • Worked with a team to web-enable and rewrite two Progress applications as a Rich Internet Application
  • Designed a user interface using the SmartClient JavaScript framework
  • Created data interface components for JSON-RPC communications between the browser and server
  • Developed a custom Model-View-Controller framework on top of the existing SmartClient framework
  • Implemented several core features necessary for rewriting existing UI functionality:
    • Metadata and table schema retrieval (determines layout and fields on-screen)
    • Dynamic JavaScript file downloader and dependency manager
    • Custom implementations of data grid and form components
    • Generic screen templates for quick deployment of common UI patterns
    • State-management for application and per-screen use
  • Wrote training material and instructed all new team members joining the project
  • Collaborated with business analysts to determine best way to implement new UI features
  • Designed and coded individual screens for each major feature of the application

Home Warranty Registration Portal (Kistler Financial, 2008)

  • Worked independently to design and build a web portal for end-users to purchase a home warranty
  • Re-used my existing PHP framework ("Terbidium") with additions built for Blue Man Productions
  • Designed a new, easier to use interface for the registration process and policy payments
  • Created an administration system for maintaining warranty plans, pricing, and customer registrations
  • Built a scheduled task system to run reports weekly, and upload data to a 3rd party via Secure-FTP
  • Provided dynamic, customizable reports for informational and data export purposes

Online Warehouse Inventory and Asset Management System (Blue Man Group/Blue Man Productions, 2008)

  • Worked independently to design and build a database-driven website capable of maintaining inventory records for BMP assets
  • Inventory consists of musical instruments, props, wardrobe items, and stage equipment used for performances
  • Addressed each the following critical requirements:
    • Created an online application that is accessible by multiple users from multiple warehouses across the US
    • Built the application using free open-source technologies (LAMP was chosen: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
    • Created inventory input and maintenance module which provides unique [Code 128] barcodes for assets
    • Researched and recommended the Symbol P360 rugged barcode scanner (to fit their warehouse environment)
    • Implemented a "batch-scan and sync" process required for checking out or returning assets for orders/performances
    • Provided the ability to include assets within "kits", which can then be assigned to an order
    • Linked tracking data to shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS) to allow easy access to status of shipped orders
    • Integrated orders with an existing billing/invoicing system via show/gig numbers
    • Created various reports for verifying stock on-hand (and need for replenishment) at each warehouse location
    • Allowed granting roles such as "kit builder" or "warehouse manager" to select user accounts
  • Used my previously developed PHP framework ("Terbidium") as the core of the application, with significant enhancements as made available in PHP version 5 and later (eg. improved database abstraction and error handling)
  • Deployed the application on a shared web-hosting provider (which presented a low cost for hosting and support)
  • Provided a separate development environment with its own isolated database (for testing future enhancements)
  • Also setup a bug tracking website and wiki for documentation using tools available from the web-hosting provider

Online Customer Information System (Penninsula Energy Services Company [PESCO], 2007-2008)

  • [Note: PESCO is a division of Chesapeake Utilities, which is the parent company of BravePoint]
  • Re-used the framework and various components from American Home Mortgage project to provide a customer management system (PESCO is a natural gas supplier/reseller in central Florida)
  • Created a new, normalized MSSQL database from a simple MS Access database, which was then connected to a WebSpeed environment as the application platform (previous system could only be maintained by 1 user at a time)
  • Provided maintenance for PESCO customers, customer contacts, sales persons, customer contracts (fixed and variable), services (individual customer locations), gas order contracts (from local gas provider), and gas consumption data
  • Created various reports and system dashboards to show all customer information (including consumption trends) at a glance; also created data-generation routines to calculate various averages for gas-usage forecasting

Online Application for Wholesale Mortgage Loan Origination (American Home Mortgage, 2003-2007)

  • Worked in a team to build a WebSpeed website that interfaces with code and databases for an existing Progress GUI app and integrating portions of an existing intranet site and a customized version of Fiserv's UniFi product
  • Accessed existing Win32 COM and DLL objects from within WebSpeed
  • Assisted in building a multi-node cluster of IIS and WebSpeed servers for production rollout using network load balancing
  • Setup a CVS repository for revision control during initial development, and later migrated the project to PVCS
  • Implemented a "skin" system that changes the look and branding of the site, based on the URL used to access the site
  • Created a Content Management System (CMS) to allow the marketing department easy access to any dynamic materials
  • Built a powerful JavaScript form validation system that automatically marks form fields as required and enforces business rules (such as required fields and proper datatypes)
  • Created a role-based access control that also allows fine-tuning by adding or removing additional tasks to a user account
  • Trained a group of developers on all aspects of the application, from programming styles to inner workings of the code
  • Interfaced the website with several desktop Loan Origination Software applications and loan-data import mechanisms
  • Created a screen that can retrieve previously downloaded XML credit reports from Equifax, transform them using an XML stylesheet, and display the results in a user-friendly format in a web browser
  • Created an object-oriented AJAX framework in JavaScript that allows multiple, simultaneous AJAX calls per page
  • Re-built portions of the website to make use of new AJAX methodologies, to enhance and simplify the users' experience
  • Created reusable AJAX components, such as an auto-complete feature that lists results as you enter text in an input field
  • Built a set of custom alert, confirm, and prompt dialogs using JavaScript, which can substituted in place of their standard browser counterparts
  • Created a customizable, dynamic bar-chart generator using PHP
  • Using the bar-chart generator and several scheduled tasks, built a website to collect and display website statistics
  • Built a popup-blocker detection mechanism in JavaScript, which also allows two-way communications between an opened window and the parent window
  • Developed an AJAX-driven tool for marketing to track and report impressions vs. click-through's on ad banners
  • Migrated website components and code from Progress v9 to v10

QA Tester (USMotivation, Inc, 2002-2003)

  • Performed detailed Quality Assurance for a client's WebSpeed e-commerce site with over 50K+ users
  • Consulted with the client on efficient deployment of issues within the development pipeline
  • Maintained detailed reports of progress while testing, as well as overall deployment timelines

Internal Web Applications (BravePoint, Inc., As-Needed)

  • Assisted in designing a website and preparing product images for an online catalog/ordering system for clients
  • Interfaced internal online applications with both MS Access and Progress databases, using ASP and WebSpeed
  • Maintained several internal WebSpeed websites, including a book order system and training course registration system
  • Designed and implemented an online timesheet/expense system in WebSpeed for use by all company employees (1998)
  • Created a maintenance request system for the IT department, using only Open Source software and scripting languages
  • Built the company's first WAP-enabled applications for cell phone use, using PHP and WebSpeed
  • Re-designed a Progress Users Group site, in WebSpeed, to make use of a dynamic, themed template for each user group
  • Performed regular maintenance and provided support for most internal applications
  • Beta-tested and debugged internal applications making use of the budding Progress ICF/Dynamics environment
  • Re-designed WebSpeed timesheet/expense system to also serve as associate/contract (CRM) maintenance system
  • Updated internal software applications to be compliant with new Sarbanes-Oxley accounting guidelines

Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA.

Office of Residence Life

Webmaster/Consultant - April 2001 to May 2002

  • Restructure outdated departmental web sites to match SPSU's newly remodeled main pages
  • Maintain and manage a dedicated Linux web server for multiple web sites
  • Regularly update existing site content--both static and dynamic content
  • Advise department heads on options for future expansion

Resident Assistant - August 2001 to May 2002

  • Assist a diverse group of residents
  • Acted as role model and leader for all residents
  • Intervened and mediated during resident conflicts
  • Performed clerical duties for the Residence Life office

Professional Training

Isomorphic Software Corporation
2008 - SmartClient Development

BravePoint, Inc.
1999 - Progress GUI Development
2000 - Progress WebSpeed Development
2001 - XML for Developers
2000 - Progress Database Administration and Tuning

Speaking Engagements

Introducing SmartClient to OpenEdge @ BravePoint Virtual Interchange, 2009
Implementing RIA and OpenEdge @ Progress Exchange, 2009
Implementing RIA and OpenEdge @ PUG Challenge Netherlands, 2009
RIA Performance Tuning @ BravePoint Virtual Interchange 2, 2010
OpenEdge, HTML5 and Mobile Applications @ BravePoint Virtual Interchange 3, 2011
RIA Performance Tuning @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2011
OpenEdge, HTML5 and Mobile Applications @ Progress Revolution Boston, 2011
OpenEdge, HTML5 and Mobile Applications @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2012
Modernization Strategies @ EMEA PUG Challenge, 2012
OpenEdge and HTML5 @ EMEA PUG Challenge, 2012
Go Mobile! @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2013
AE Success Stories @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2013
JSON 101 @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2013
Zero-Footprint Data Monitoring – Progress Exchange 2013
Getting Pushy with Node.js and OpenEdge @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2014
WebSpeed vs. REST Adapter @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2014
Introduction to REST @ PUG Challenge Americas, 2015

Open Source Projects

Terbidium (MySQL/PHP Framework) - Last Release: 2006
• This is an OOP framework that runs on Windows or Linux, using IIS or Apache, with MySQL and PHP (LAMP). Provides database abstraction, error handling, session management, site security, and user authentication/management. Additional features include a news/review system, RSS aggregation system, content management system (CMS), photo album and thumbnail generator, user preferences system, CSS templates/skins, user poll and voting/survey system, full-site search features, and optional integration with the PHPBB (v2) forum software.

Logger (DJ Playlist Logger) - Last Release: 9/20/2003
• This is a Visual Basic program that was written for the purpose of simplifying the log process that DJ's are required to do while on the air. The program writes flat files, storing them in a directory tree that is dynamically created based on the current date.

Music Automation System - Last Release: 2/12/2004
• This is a Visual Basic program was written for the purpose of replacing several existing plugins and external programs used to rotate the playlists on an "automation" system at WGHR, the college radio station of SPSU (in Marietta, GA). This program will automatically parse any full path to an mp3, and retrieve the folder, genre, artist, and track name, and log them as 'artist - track'. A special playlist is played at the top and bottom of each hour--an original requirement of having PSA's and special advertisements at set times during every hour of the day. (Which makes this application ideal for either on-air broadcast, or online/Shoutcast streaming.) The included database can also be used to drive a dynamic (PHP) website that can advertise your show times.

Volunteer Positions

Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA.
Alumni Board - Board Member - 9/2014 to Present
• Active and contributing member, representing past and present students of SPSU

WGHR-FM, Student Radio Media - On-Air DJ - 10/1999 through 5/2002
• Fulfilled position as an on-air personality, in accordance with FCC regulations

WGHR-FM, Student Radio Media - Chief Engineer - 1/2001 through 4/2001
• Ensured 24/7 operation of all broadcasting equipment, including all upgrades and regular maintenance
• Enforced security policies, including installations of internal cameras and electronic lock systems
• Implemented audio streaming capabilities over the local campus LAN, as well as the internet
• Restructured internal computer network to make use of central file server for serving documents and music
• Developed a suite of custom computer automation and tracking software to keep music playing 24/7

WGHR-FM, Student Radio Media - General Manager - 5/2001 through 5/2002
• Managed a team of 12 other managers, in addition to 35 DJ's
• Delegated responsibilities to each of the station managers, including Music Directors, PR, and Engineers
• Worked closely with engineering staff to continue technological advancements within the organization
• Performed hiring, firing, and evaluations of volunteer staff, in accordance with policies and procedures

SPSU Technology Fee Expenditure Review Team - Committee Member - 10/2000 through 5/2002
• Represented the student body in evaluating proposals for technology purchases with special state funds
• Determined the best use for over $1 Million in funds, as requested by proposals from faculty and students

SPSU Residence Halls - Volunteer Network Administrator - 8/1997 through 5/2002
• Acted as troubleshooter/administrator for local student-run LAN from 1997-2000
• Built various 10/100Mbit LANs using mixed topologies (thin-net and ethernet) and media (Coax and Cat-5)
• Supplied network services including DNS, DHCP, WINS, IRC, HTTP, FTP, and SMB via a central Linux server
• Assisted dormitory residents in connecting to the LAN by offering cabling and technical support to users
• Assisted campus IT department in troubleshooting issues with newly wired dormitories from 2000-2002

• Southern Polytechnic State University, Student of the Year - 2002
• Southern Polytechnic State University, Resident Assistant of the Year - 2002